Bridal Heena ( Mehndi ) $ 150 & Up
Heena Conditioning $ 55.00 & Up
Heena Tattoo $ 15.00
Traditionally henna is used on the hands and the feet; this tradition probably developed when it was discovered , the color takes best and lasts longer on the thick skin of the feet and hands. The dark rich color that shows up on hands and feet as well as the way designs can be made to fit and enhance the extremities make these designs a joy to execute. Elaborate or simple, designs on the hands and feet call attention to one's gestures and movements and permeate one's being with an exotic sophistication. If you want a henna tattoos but don't have the time or patience to get one done. We are here to make henna tattoos for you instantly. Lots of designs - Lower back tattoos, hand tattoos, and other parts of body tattoos.

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